Friday, May 26, 2017

Random Musings: On the cheesey allure of "Ghost Adventures"

Two weeks into unemployment. My new resume is almost ready and I'm organizing my newspaper clips. Far more importantly, I have become a fan of the show "Ghost Adventures."

The guys are hilarious. The lead guy in the Ed Hardy shirt with the bulging biceps.

The nondescript guy with the camera whose face I can't remember. And the other guy with the camera and the beard whose face goes full Neanderthal when something scares the bejeesus out of him.

I just watched a recorded episode where they went to this old abandoned munitions factory. It was the second time I watched it but, in my defense, I was sharing the wonder with Brian. 

Number-one, there is some weird stuff that goes on in the building, particularly sounds and voices. Number-two, I can't believe how ernest and monosyllabic the guys are. 

But they're such bros that it's comforting. If I were every to submit myself to a lockdown in a haunted place—other than my own mind—I would want that trio there. 

I will say this. If there is such a thing as ghosts and the lore is true that they need to be coaxed off the earth, it's kinda sad that the guys just check out the paranormal activity but don't try to help. 

Couldn't they, shouldn't they, do something like throw holy water on the ground or tell the ghosts they're not dead and encourage them to go into the light? I dunno. 

Also, I think even a McDonald's Play Place or an orchid hothouse or a carwash or a dog-groomers would look freaky when illuminated by a night-vision camera. 

So there it is. I wanna hang ou with the guys from "Ghost Adventures." I also kind of wanna sleep in the lead guy's Ed Hardy T-shirt. Just kidding on that last note. I juste wanted to see if you read this whole post. 

And now I give you a few choice "Ghost Adventure" memes:

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