Sunday, February 18, 2018

Song of the Day: "Classic Girl" by Jane's Addiction

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I'm listening to "Ritual de lo Habitual" by Jane's Addiction today, with its amazing Klezmer music  undertones mixing with the band's usual Plutonian rock 'n roll mysticism. Specifically, it's "Classic Girl" that's playing fight now. 

You know, I'm kind of, to quote the song's lyrics, "slapping myself in the face," because I interviewed Perry Farrell when I was freelancing for the Reno Gazette-Journal. I'll drop names and boast on that one, because it was one of my life's greatest honors. (I'm that kind of fangirl.)

Anyhow, I failed to ask him how he makes his voice sound like THAT. Is it distortion, reverb, feedback, loops or is he, as I've long suspected, from another planet?

Oh yeah, and I'm totally going to Pinterest all the wedding ideas from the video. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fridge Magnet Poetry: "Downwind of spring"

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Downwind of spring,
a winter-tan girl is waiting
for an angel-cheek poet
to soothe her rose-weed soul.

She is by the river,
a wild bouquet
wet from drinking the rain.

—Sarah Torribio

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fridge magnet poetry: "My slip-stream song. . ."

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You are my slip-stream song,
dynamite bouquet and
hurricane whisper.
Make a path between struggle and Eden.
Coax full my meager heart.

—Sarah Torribio 

Fridge Magnet Poetry: "Let love wilt"

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Let love wilt 
(instructions on a breakup)

Give a wet boohoo.
Make a hard drink.
See a psychiatrist.
Move to Kalamazoo.
Remember the struggle.
Thrive on solitary laughter.
Don't reflect on how his smile was the sun.

—Sarah Torribio

Random Musing: Pastel goth in the morning. . .

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Random Musing of the Day: Formica dreams

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This is the third in a series of random musings inspired by patterns I encountered in my friend's kitchen. Nikole lives in Paradise, by which I mean the town in Northern California. She rents a house there and the kitchen has some late '60s, 'early '70s touches.

These include time-machine shelf paper lining the drawers—we're talking mint condition. And this charming Formica counter—along with a matching table—which in my kitsch-loving eyes is to die for.

Taking a trip is always inspiring. And sometimes, it's the little, tiny details that get you going.

Ramdon musing of the day: 1970s wisdom

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This particular random musing, along with the previous one, were inspired by this crazy vintage shelf paper my friend has in the drawers of the house she's renting. Three patterns, each cooler than the last. It was such a time machine I had to take pictures.