Friday, January 27, 2017

Writing post of the day. . .

I love this picture, an old photograph of Emily Dickinson I doctored with a tropical flower in her hair and some subtle lip tint.
Even though it was just a quick digital editing job, I feel like it's a piece of art. It shows that even though Emily Dickinson was in many ways quiet, retreating, private— possibly even agoraphobic—she had a wild and beautiful garden growing in her mind.
After all, this is the woman who wrote, "Saying nothing. . .sometimes says the most." How cool is that line, especially considering she wrote it in the 19th century?
This talented transcendentalist (sorry, I have a hard time passing up alliteration sometimes, to the detriment of my writing) wrote countless other memorable lines. Here's just a few.
"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else."
"I dwell in possibility."
"Forever is composed of nows"
"Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell."
"Dying is a wild night and a new road."
"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience."
And finally and forever, this daring declaration:
"I'm nobody, who are you?"
And listen to how she describes her unimposing self. She sounds rare and as though she occasionally flares up and becomes more lovely than the hottest and most buxom blonde at the party.
"I had no portrait, now, but am small, like the wren; and my hair is bold, like the chestnut bur; and my eyes, like the sherry in the glass, that the guest leaves."
If she were around and an actress today, she would be perfect to play another character who though self-described as small and plain, emanates a quiet fascination. My lit-chicks know I'm talking about Jane Eyre.
One more quote occurs to me when I think of Emily Dickinson and all of my friends who could best be described as "girls gone mild," and it's wasn't even written by her.
"A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within."—Eudora Welty
You said it, sister.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

That other blogger: Emma Healey

I have just come across a blog that is screamingly funny. It's subversive, but in an uplifting way. It's the Emma's Brain blog.

Oh, yeah, and looking at the web address, which ends in .au, it's little wonder this girl Emma Healey—"a Sydney-ish homour blogger, mother of three school age children, wife of cabbage and self professed nerd"—is funny, because she's from Australia.

It never hurts for a blogger like Emma Healey to be cute. 
They have roaringly good senses of humor down there, judging from my interactions, although those have largely been with my American-born expat best friend Kate—Catherine, if you want to indulge her grown-up desire to sound like a queen rather than a school friend—who is an Australian by choice.

She went away to college and adopted this motto: "Aussies are the countrymen you choose." Whatever. But she and her husband are a hoot, and so is their daughter, and then look at Croc Dundee.

Also, one more thing while I'm on my "I LOVE AUSTRALIA rant." While I thought it was possibly  a poor choice for Baz Lurman to use Kanye West in his "Great Gatsby" soundtrack, I thought I'd share that Men At Work, along with The Smiths, is my favorite band. (Ask me how Morrissey and The Smiths changed my life and continue to do so to this day. Also, ask your doctor if The Smiths is right for you.)

Here is Men At Work's very stony, lovely and chill "Down by the Sea." I listen to it when I seek peace.

It will sonically transport you to a beach, clothing-optional and empty except for you and a companion, potentially romantic but at the very least copacetic, where you are not just chilling but "rugging up for winter." I don't know what that means, but I'd help Colin Hay stack some driftwood and twine our palm leaf shelter together any day.

I'm a sucker for man with a vibrato, and also for the judicious use of saxophone in my music.

Back to Emma's hilarious brain.

I've learned from her "about" section that she has written frankly about her PND, which is prenatal depression. I had to look it up on google even though I had it twice. My chemistry is about as stable as the Gallagher brothers of Oasis fame. Sorry my references are old. I'm 42 and it shows culturally as well as physically.

I have found that the effort of keeping a chemical imbalance to a low-level annoyance can do one of two things. Make you a bitch or give you a sense of humor. Or both. 

As you read through Emma's columns, which appear to end in February 2016—she's also a busy author and has a podcast called The Damned Em on Her Radio—you'll learn she's open-minded. 

After reading about a woman who can lift things with her vagina, she wonders whether she can't coax her fanny to become more utilitarian. 

You also learn that she's one of those perfectly imperfect parents. 

Remember that Nick Jr. phrase for a while, meant to placate seratonin-deprived, late-blooming Gen Xers and early-kid-having millenials. A spokeswoman would say, chirpily, "We're not perfect. We're parents." 

And the crazy thing is it made me feel better. Sometimes Brian and I assuage ourselves, amid the chaos and dropped balls, and un-crossed Ts and un-dotted Is that is our parenting life, by saying it to one another.

Where was I. 

So, in one February 2016 column, we learn simultaneously that even though Emma's the kind of supermom who can basically perform as a Rockette with a child on her hip, because she's got so much practice, she sometimes gets "hungover as arse." 

Why do the UK folk get all the cool slang? 

She also admits the secret truth that every loving parent tries to hide from the world and herself. Her ideal day doesn't include her children. After a few weeks of helping to shape little people, she wants time off to kick it by herself or with her friends. 

She also sees the absurdity in all of our over-reaching parental machinations. 

Take a delicious December 23, 2015 entry called "Liar, Liar, Pants of Fire" about doing everything in her power to ensure her children remain expectant of a house-call from St. Nick. Is it love or madness? That's the million dollar question.

"I chew on carrots, then chuck them in the front yard so my kids think that reindeer ate them," she writes. "There was this one year, right, that I put glitter in a jar of sultanas and I dropped them in little piles on the front driveway to look like magical reindeer shit. 

I actually planted imitation sparkle turd in my own yard. 

I have written fraudulent letters claiming to be Santa, thanking them for the carrots, milk and cookies. I even altered my handwriting and put in convincing details like I was a Nigerian Prince ready to hand over my inheritance." 

From profane to puckish, Emma's Brain brings the laughs. 

And here's a wonderful side note—the kind of tangent that can be found throughout her lazy, crazy Virginia Woolfian prose: *Massages temples, *Sips coffee that is definitely fair trade and bites a Valium in half. 

To that, I reply, as Nacho Libre did in. . .um. . . "Nacho Libre": "You gotta be kidding me. Everything you just said is my favorite thing to do every day." 

When she's not being tongue-in-cheek, Emma is presenting sound advice to moms in a world where parenting feels like a competitive sport in which the risks of losing are Hunger Games-high. 

Don't forget who you are in the thick of child-rearing. Spend time with your friends and pursue your hobbies and interests and passions. 

You will like going over Emma's Brain blog entrees, which include one in which she defends Jessie J's boobs—whose appearance on The Voice generated outrage from judgmental and body-fearing parents. 

You'll learn that fighting the patriarchy is among her hobbies, that she was a teen mum and felt the stigma and exceeded the expectations, that she believes Courtney killed Kurt (the jury's out for me, I'll blog about why some time later, maybe). It also becomes evident that she has what's known in the business as a potty moth. 

You will keep hitting "Older Posts" until you get carpel tunnel. And you will laugh. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Etsy shopping find of the day: Air plant jellyfish planers

What's my favorite band? Jefferson Airplant. Okay, that was in no way, shape or form funny.  It broke the ice, though, right? Which brings me to my etsy shopping find of the day.

These air plant jellyfish planters are so cool and chic. They just need to be misted a few times a week to flourish.

The site that sells this treasure, the AirFriend shop on, says you can hang it anywhere there's filtered light and good air circulation. Sorry, pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter in your cupboard under the stairs, this piece of decor isn't for you.

I can't guarantee that no sea urchins were hurt in the making of this item but I honestly hope that they had a good life or were put to good use by adventurous eaters before becoming home decor.

The set, which comes with one white and one gold planter, costs $18 and would make a pretty bad-ass wedding gift or housewarming present. Personally, I'd like to hang these from the ceiling of my cupboard-under-the-stairs size bedroom.

                                                                                   >> next etsy find

Song of the Day: "Sleep to Dream" by Fiona Apple

Today's song of the day is "Sleep to Dream" by Fiona Apple, off her gorgeous and endlessly bold debut album Tidal. This alt-rock queen is such a bad-ass and talented singer-songwriter.

Unforgettable lyrics, a voice made of smoke, and an unflinching perspective on this wonderful and terrible and mad existence.

P.S. Admission: I have years of her music to catch up on. That and all of the works of Shakespeare and Ray Bradbury. #LifeGoals

                                                                          >>next song

Song of the Day: "Memories Are Now" by Jesca Hoop

"Memories Are Now," an indie-rock song dusted with a touch of alt-country by singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop is some kind of wonderful.

Her website tells me she's California-born and Manchester-dwelling, a combination that sounds unspeakably hip and adventurous to me.

It's a great discovery I found on and song of the day on Battlestar Eclectica.

                                                                          >>next song

Wherefore art thou?

I came across this illustration by Emma Roulette, an amazingly talented artist, on tumbler. It really looks like my perfect afternoon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

That cool quote by Victor Hugo

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Song of the Day: "Kiss Your Lips" by Allo Darlin'

Today's song of the day is "Kiss Your Lips" by Allo Darlin'. I would call it indie pop, but tells me it's also known as "Twee Pop."

Twee pop is defined by, is defined thusly: "Twee Pop is perhaps best likened to bubblegum indie-rock—it's music with a spirit of DIY defiance in the grand tradition of punk, but with a simplicity and innocence not seen or heard since the earliest days of rock & roll.

I like the cut of this genre's jib—very '60s garageband and very upbeat—in these dark times when the world around me sometimes makes me wonder whether I'm living in Mordor's "sister city."

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Song of the Day: "Scene Sick" by Diet Cig

Today's song of the day is "Scene Sick" by Diet Cig. This indie pop-rock gem makes for way-cute weekdays.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Song of the Day: "B-Grade Material" by The Ocean Party

"No Reasons" by The Ocean Party is song of the day on Battlestar Eclectica. That driving drum and bass is irresistible, and while it's fresh and new, there are so many winning references to the goth/new wave/dark-wave rock music past.

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Where for art thou?

My favorite new-to-me visual creator is indian artist Svabhu Kohl, who specializes in surreal and stylized illustrations of flora and fauna. Absolutely gorgeous.

Song of the Day: "Nuclear Bomb" by Cherry Glazer

"Nuclear Bomb" by LA-based fuzz-pop trio Cherry Glazerr (I'd have called it indie rock, but the shoe fits) is a powerful good rock song. It's off their upcoming solo album, Apocalipstick, out January 20.

Isn't that album name a kick?

                                                                               >> next song

That cool quote by Sophie Heawood

Soren Lorensen

A few kid shows I really love, and "Charlie and Lola is one of them." I think it's so brilliant that Lola has an imaginary friend name Soren Lorensen. It's the best name ever.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Song of the Day: "Debaser" by The Pixies

"Debaser" by The Pixies is pretty much the most rocking thing that ever happened to me.

I'm blogging without glasses, bold move indeed on my part given that—thanks to my particularly ovoid eyeballs—my world without corrective lenses is an impressionist painting.

Even if I knew where I put my glasses some 45 minutes ago, my glasses currently suck. Our husky dog, Cody or Koda—depending on whether you like cute or Jack London—retrieved my glasses off the counter a couple days ago.

I then retrieved them from the floor to find one temple (that's the thingy that goes over your ears) had been chewed into a short, sharp spear and little, sight-obscuring craters had been gouged into one lens. So even with glasses, I'm not in great shape seeing-wise at the moment.

Sans glasses as I am now, I'm basically holding up a monocle on which a viscous, petroleum-based substance has been smeared, saying, "I say, is that a figure in yonder field or is it a trick of the light?"

I am a carefree spirit in some ways but not when it comes to writing errors. So you might say that daring to make this post—not, like Kenny Roger's Gambler "too tired to sleep" but more like "too blind to edit—is the second most rocking thing that ever happened to me.

Again, my song of the day is "Debaser" by The Pixies. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first song on their album Doolittle and it comes in careening and screeching so you know this album is going to have you—to crib a phrase from They Might Be Giants—making a little mosh pit in your mind.

Frank Black sounds overwrought but, unlike some other stylistically overwrought performers like David Byrne, who make you wonder if the twitching vocalist might not be insane, he makes you suspect he just might be right. If anyone can convince you that there really is a creature on the wing, it's Frank Black.

And then there's those lyrics, referring to a silent 1929 surrealist film by Spanish director Luis Banuel, "Un Chien Andalou," or, if you prefer English, "The Andalusian Dog."

The movie is full of images intended to disturb the viewer and, in doing so, wash away their complacency.

Whether you knew it from the start or learned it from Professor Google, you feel like a real insider—an intellectual, if you will—when you know what the lyrics to "Debaser" are talking about. You feel hip AND educated, a heady combination for anyone of fluctuating sense of self-esteem.

It feels splendid to shout along: "Got me a movie, I want you to know. Slicing up eyeballs, I want you to know. Girl is so groovy, I want you to know. Don't know about you, but I am un chien Andalusian. . .Wanna grow up to be a debaser."

To debase someone or something is not a good thing, generally speaking, but Frank makes it sound fun and bracing. And, as always in real rock 'n roll, you don't have to know exactly what it means for it to be a battle cry.

Kim Deal adds bouncy bass and sweet vocals, not surprising for someone who was a cheerleader in high school. But her playing has a solidity to it that helps make The Pixies a powerhouse.

She's  physically strong and as in it to win it as any of the boys. And that makes everyone happy.

You see, it's not fat-bottomed girls that make the world go round, though it was a delightful whim of Freddie Mercury's. It's tomboys. Women who were riot grrls back when they were swimming in paddling pools. Women like Kim, Deal, who can run with the wolves as a Pixie and then craft a galvanizing rock classic like "Cannonball" with The Breeders. The aforementioned Breeders song benefits from the fact that any angst underlying the tune has been coated in sugar and Pop-Rocks, sonically speaking.

Back to "Debaser." There's David Lovering, with a lead foot on the kick drum, buoying the bass and stomping out the devil. Joey Santiago's guitar is majestic and soaring; you may need to drink ayahuasca to fully comprehend his stratospheric fretwork.

Frank Black has said that the primary vibe of The Pixies, a band that formed when they were all so young—and I was young too—has a vibe of sex and death. I'll let you be the judge of that.

                                                                       >>next song

Poetic pick-up line of the day.. .

Poetic pick-up line of the day

Poetic pick-up line of the day. . .

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Etsy shopping find of the day. . .

I am absolutely mad about the self-adhesive removable wallpaper available at the patternsCOLORAY shop on

Handrawn check pattern wallpaper

Why does that shop's name remind me of a Lalaloopsy character? If you're not a parent and have never seen the cartoon about a bunch of spookily cute button-eyed animate dolls—with names like Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff—ignore that last morsel of musing musing.

Anyhow, back to this wall paper. It is so irresistibly done, plus it's relatively inexpensive ($34 to $145, depending on the size of your wallpaper).

Here are a few favorites, but you're sure to have your own.

I like the Japanese flower pattern removable wallpaper.

I love the Morrocan pattern removable wallpaper, with its watercolor hues, sure to turn any area into an exotic salon.

And I adore this leaf pattern removable wallpaper.

The artist behind this lovely and transformative decor is Polish artist Dominika Kurzeja. With 391 people favoriting the patternsCOLORAY shop, she's developed a well-deserved following.

I encourage to you browse through the more than 100 wallpaper designs on her shop. In the meantime, I've got my eye on the Morrocan number.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Etsy Shopping Find of the Day. . .

You know how you can not realize you need something and then suddenly you realize it's an urgent requirement?

That's how I feel about this set of six hand-stamped fork cheese markers from the aandkaccents shop on

How better for your guests to know exactly what they're getting into when they attack your cheese plate. It includes fan favorites cheddar, brie, colby, gouda, chevre and blue, but you can ask the maker to include a different cheese if you need it. Perhaps a smelly Camembert?

These upcycled forks, which will be a hit at any gathering, cost $15.

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Etsy Shopping Find of the Day. . .

I can't remember the last time I spent more than  $200 on a lampshade. Okay, it was in a past life, if ever.

However, I am a huge admirer of the artistry, imagination and sheer, strange beauty of this Tropical Giraffe Blue Drum Lampshade. It ranges from 12" diameter X 11" tall to 18" by 10." The description by the vendor, the FabFunkyPillows site on—which features wonderful creations—is more poetic than any I could muster.

"Wildly extravagant crested and winged giraffes grazing in a gloriously coloured [I love that UK English spelling] forest; watched by horned birds in a range of neon colours, and other strange and exotic fantasy creatures.

It's $225 to $325, depending on size.

Song of the Day: "I Don't Ever Wanna Leave California" by Allison Crutchfield

I know, my legions of followers are suffering an onslaught of songs of the day today. How many songs can there be in one day, you may ask?

The answer is as many as you want, and what am I to do when I hear a new song by Allison Crutchfield called "I Don't Ever Wanna Leave California." Which I don't. I'm a Golden State Girl, by birth and by heart.

                                                                                  >> next song

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

This gif gives me a snug feeling, as well as a maybe I should cook something feeling.

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Song of the Day: "I Want You" by Flagship

I'm getting so into the indie band band Flagship. They totally rock, and they're from North Carolina, so there's that. In this song, "I Want You," we've got Bono's vocals and a touch of bluegrass-inspired banjo, if my ears don't betray me.

                                                                            >>next song

Song of the Day: "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles

Savannah, 3, has become partial to "Walk Like an Egyptian," and made me play the video twice in a row last night.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

This one is positively magical.

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More than a passing resemblance.

For years, I have tried to convince anyone who will listen that the guy on the Tapatío hot sauce bottle looks like a young Larry Hagman.

Now, thanks to some crude digital editing, I am able to make my case. Who's with me?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Song of the Day: "Mexican Jackpot" by Flagship

Today's song of the day is "Mexican Jackpot" by indie rockers Flagship. If you like Bombay Bicycle Club and another unusual indie club, Two Door Cinema Club, you're gonna like these guys.

                                                                         >>next song

Writing post of the day. . .

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thoughts on goths. . .

Writing post of the day. . .

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Epigram of the Day: "Dating profile #3"

For someone who's attached, I write a lot of dating profiles (in my mind).

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My latest electronic composition. . .

It's been ever so long since I've made a song. When I'm playing with a band, I tend to employ bass and vocals. When I'm fooling around online, trying to expand my electronic composition abilities, I tend toward ambient music.

This one is called "Sense of Ease and Peace."

 <<Previous composition

Song of the Day: "Gigantic" by the Pixies

What a sexy sing-along is "Gigantic," by the Pixies, showcasing Kim Deal at her most bad-ass. She's one of my favorite gals. A total pro-sex feminist who is talented and imperfect and takes no guff.

In this video, which I'm told is from 1988 and taped in London, Kim is full of joy and rock-and-roll abandon. She's also frickin' adorable—she had, after all, been a cheerleader in high school. Frank Black still had his hair and the Pixies were getting along.

I was once with a Pixies fan who turned me onto the band. "Forget it, Jake. It was the early '90s." 

 I've seen the Pixies at the Glass House in Pomona and in Bend, Oregon and at somewhere in LA—was it the Wiltern?—during the blur of my teen years. I believe guitarist Joey Santiago shook my hand after the Pomona gig.

As I get lost in nostalgia, I'll let you on a little secret, which is actually a boast. I know how to play "Gigantic" on bass as, well as sing it, and it is the greatest fun on earth.

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Wherefore art thou?

I find this illustration, which I came across on a site called ello—the latest social networking/curating site I've joined—irresistible.

It's drawn by Sylvia Reginato and the color of those orbs reminds me of the absolutely charming hues to be found in a Margaret Wise Brown-penned Little Golden Book called "The Color Kittens."

All of the pictures of the titular color kittens,  whose adventures and fantasies serve to teach children about using and blending color, are remarkably forward thinking for 1949.

That was illustrated by husband and wife-team Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen. Here's an example of illustrations in "The Color Kittens."

And here, below that, back to the future is something current. It's my art pick of the day by the aforementioned Ms. Reginato.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Song of the Day: "Face Like Thunder" by The Japanese House

I truly love this 2016 alt/indie-rock release "Face like Thunder" by The Japanese House. It's full of feeling and is a fine addition to my life's eclectic soundtrack. And there's a touch of whiskey-scraped Imogen Heap vocals in there for your sing-along pleasure.

                                                                            >> next song

Song of the Day: "She Lit a Fire' by Lord Huron

What a wild and wonderful sound Lord Huron has brought to the indie alt-rock world. Here is their celtic-appalachian-infused "She Lit a Fire."

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Epigram of the day: "California sunset"

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That cool quote by Peter Dinklage

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

Etsy shopping find of the day. . .

Lately, most of my Etsy shopping finds have been handmade housewares, which tells me I'm getting into that spring cleaning/nesting mode where I want to transform my space from messiness and disarray and thoughtless clutter and stuck chi to. ..

Nothing short of PARADISE. Which brings me to this Travel to Bali shower curtain from the Artfully Feathered Shop on It's $70 from the ArtfullyFeathered Shop on

In fact, the whole darn shop is pretty cool and I'm also coveting this $70 abstract duvet cover.

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

< < previous gif

I love this gif of Pippi Longstocking hanging out with her neighbors and best friends Tommy and Annika.

I loved watching Pippi movies as a kid—her whole world was awesome. She was powerful and funny and fun and had a great, funky sense of style to boot.

Every day at Pippi's house was about girl power, about monkey power—let's be specific, one Mr. Nelson—about horse power ("Little Old Man," to be specific) and about kid power.

My favorite moments include Pippie's scrubbing the floor with scrubber shoes, making Christmas cookies all over her entire kitchen floor (gingerbread monkey, anyone?), flying in a car, buying all the inventory of a local candy store for all the kids in town and just about pretty much every moment you can think of.

Longlive PippiLongstrumpf!

That cool quote by Ezra Pound

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Etsy shopping find of the day. . .

There is something so cool about the feel of corduroy. It's tough but comfortable, casual but funky.

My etsy shopping find of the day is this red orange courduroy lumbar pillow from the MiCasaBella shop on It costs $35 and you have your choice of nine other colors.

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Weirdly compelling post of the day. . .

Song of the Day: "Let the Music Play" by Shannon

If you try to tell me you don't sing along with "Let the Music Play" by Shannon when you are in your car, you are lying.

                                                                            >>next song

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

Etsy shopping find of the day. . .

Just when I think I've seen everything—when I feel jaded and sure that nothing will impress or tempt me anew, I come across yet another fabulous etsy find.

This is a luxury I never imagined could be created. It's a set of 12 Anastasia lace sugar doilies. You just let them float on top of your coffee or tea, a sort of Victorian mandala and sweetener at the same time, and enjoy as it melts, a 5-minute process or so.

It's $16.49 the dozen from the Sweet MarveLace site on The site has sugar doilies every ilk. It's like some kind of Boho/Shabby chic/English cozy version of Pokémon: "Gotta catch 'em all." It's functional and charming, which is the ultimate recipe for that "shut up and take my money" feeling.

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New word poem: "Dactylogram"

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New word poem: "Solivigant"

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New word poem: "Apricity"

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New word poem: "Wissenschaft"

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New word poem: "Vernorexia"

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New word poem: "Parvenu"

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New word poem: "Clishmaclaver"

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New word poem: "Aubade"

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Song of the Day: "All Disco" by Elbow

"All Disco" by Elbow is a very pretty indie-rock song. It's off the band's new album "Little Fictions."

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That cool quote by John Wayne

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Song of the Day: "Headache" by Grouper

"Headache" by Grouper is pretty, swirly, shiny shoe-gaze music. Lead singer Liz Harris has a bit of a Mazzy Star sound, and that's a good thing.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let's face it. . .

A long time ago, like in fifth grade, I gave up on being embarrassed that my nose is big, er, I mean distinctive. I guess I realized there's nothing I can do about it.
I have tons of other hangups about my looks, so it's an unusual state of acceptance. Perhaps, as part of my continuing midlife crisis—oops, I mean cris-ortunity—I'll get a small nose piercing.
But I won't get a nose reduction, even though those nasty biologists insist your nose (and ears, good God!) keep growing until the end of your life.
Which of your own features do you like, or at least accept?

Project of the Day. . .

I've always wanted to paint a cloudy sky on the walls and I've made a start.

It's a work in progress. It's mainly acrylic, so I'll need to seal it. I next plan to paint the surrounding boards a dark wood color for a window effect.

I'm expressing myself in art, really for the first time since high school—when I spent my time creating goth girl pictures like a giant painting of the Ramones' "Road to Ruin" album cover and pondered pursuing fashion design.

I'm loving it. It's like Prince sings in "Raspberry Beret":

"Something about the clouds and her mixed." 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Do you haiku? I do. . .

Fresh start
New desk calendar,
gets inaugural coffee stain.

—Sarah Torribio

Song of the Day: "Just Like U Said It Would Be" by Sinéad O'Connor

"Just Like U Said It Would Be"by Sinéad O'Connor off her startlingly wonderful and tough and lovely 1987 debut album The Lion and the Cobra.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

One goal at a time. . .

In 2017, I want to keep a journal JUST like this one.

That cool quote by David Lynch

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