Thursday, June 1, 2017

Random Musings: Kids do the darndest things

I used to judge the heck out of Kathy Lee Gifford when she was on "Live! With Regis and Cathy Lee" because she was always sharing anecdotes about her son Cody.
It was all, "Cody did this!" and "Cody did that!" and I was like, "Stop, you self-obsessed woman. iIm sick of Cody!"
That was before I had kids.
Now I get it and then some. I spend much of my time foisting anecdotes about my children on people I meet at Walgreens or on the street or while with friends and acquaintances.
I use Facebook as a megaphone allowing me to brag or kvell to my social media circles about my amusing, endearing and ingenious offspring.
I'll cut to the chase.
Today, Cody—I mean Savannah—saw the refrigerator repairman working in the kitchen while my dad stood nearby.
Savannah, 3 1/2, came running to us delightedly and said twice in quick succession: "Wook! [That's phonetic to indicate her baby speech impediment, or should I say baby speech enhancement.] Grandmpa's got a friend!"
Word to Kathy Lee Gifford. TV sucks without you.

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