Friday, May 26, 2017

Random Musings: Ariana Grande and the Family Circus

The article below this post—about an open letter from a "redneck" father of three girls encouraging Ariana Grande after the terrorist attack in Manchester at her concert—is really sweet and brought a tear to my eye.

I've become increasingly sentimental due to motherhood or just admitting, astrologically speaking, that I'm a Cancer.

Pretty soon I'll be taking a leaf from my Great-Grandmother Marcia. She would clip out especially adorable "Family Circus comics" from the funny pages and then dig them out of her voluminous purse to share them with whoever might get a kick out of them.

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Everyone has fallen in love with this dad's letter to Ariana Grande

A father of three Ariana Grande fans has penned an open letter to the pop star, offering some "redneck love from a daddy of daughters" following the heartbreaking events at Manchester arena. The letter by Patrick Millsaps from Georgia, U.S. has since gone viral, gaining almost 20K retweets and over 40K likes.