Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Song of the Day: "Johnny & Mary" by Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje

A new-ish song (2015) featuring legendary Roxy Music frontman Brian Ferry? Is this the real life or is this just fantasy.

There's a bit of a rasp to Mr. Ferry's previously angelic vibrato, but it's not unwelcome in this moody but pretty tune.  And while the music was likely created by Todd Terje, whom I'm told is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist, there's a touch of Brian Eno in here—moments replete with the ambience of "Dance Away" or "Slave to Love."

Todd is bearded and Norwegian and, as everyone knows, when it comes to ethereal coolness nowadays, all signs point north. Way north.

As far as looks because, as a former coworker, gay if that matters, has told me, "You just want to kiss all the boys," weathered looks good on Brian Ferry, who during his youth could edge towards fey.

Did you know, by the way, that Brian Ferry was dating Jerry Hall when that scamp Mick Jagger stole her away?

 Well, not everyone has moves like Jagger.

The song builds slowly towards epic and is crying to be in a David Lynch scene, but not a creepy one, per say.

Yes, song of the day on battlestar eclectica is "Johnny & Mary" by Brian Ferry & Todd Terje.

Postscript: I thought this song was a remake but I couldn't place it. It turns out that it's a cover of a song by Robert Palmer called "Johnny and Mary." While the Robert Palmer version is more new wave and poppy, it still has deep lyrics and a lovely melody.

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