Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Song of the Day: "Keep it Close to Me" by Yumi Zouma

This quiet indie dream pop outfit Yumi Zouma, which is part of what I'm learning is a burgeoning New Zealand scene, proves you don't have to kick and scream to make an impression. As for those of you into the romancing, this just might be the Sade of 2017.

This song is called "Keep It Close to Me." The beats be dropping like rain on a drum-kit left in the garden, and vocalist Christie Simpson is compelling and, dare I say, soothing. The vid captures the untamed and unexpected soul of childhood. I'm reminded of a quote from "Slingblade," which is a lovely movie despite the chill of violence.

Carl, seemingly the slowest of men, understands the vulnerability of the movie's youngest protagonist. As he prepares to leave town in the most dramatic of ways, he asks standup guy and standup gay Vaughan Cunningham, played in a virtuoso turn by the late great John Ritter, to take care of the boy.

"That Frank, he lives inside of his own heart. That's an awful big place to live in."

Back to my song of the day. I know. I'm a evangelist, and it's possible my mention of the music sharing site grows tiresome. But I can't take a serious ramble through this digital depository without finding something special.

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