Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Song of the Day: "Road Head" by Japanese Breakfast

"Road Head" by Japanese Breakfast is song of the day on battlestar eclectica. This lo-fi alternative pop tune is atmospheric and imaginative.

It's just what I needed on a day when, for some reason, so many old songs are boring me. I'd call their album "Music for a Jaded Listener" but instead, their new record is called "Soft Sounds for Another Planet." I love it.

 Japanese Breakfast, Wikpedia tells me, is the solo musical project of Michelle Zauner of the band Little Big League. Little Big League, Wikipedia tells me, is a Philadelphia emo band founded in 2011.

Warning: The video is kinda creepy, with a tall goat-headed looking monster. He's pretty chill until the girl does him in. But if creepy is not your bag, you can play the video and cover it wth a new page or nudge it over to the side of your screen. 

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