Saturday, July 15, 2017

Song of the Day: "Groupie Love" by Lana del Rey

Isn't it nice to see Lana Del Rey smiling on the cover of this album? Here's my song of the day, her "Groupie Love." That's someone named A$AP Rocky rapping up in there. I'd know who he was if I was more abreast of the hip hop world.

BTW, isn't homegirl prolific? I just looked it up and Lana Del Rey is 32. She's released five albums and who knows how many singles since she busted out with Born to Die in 2012. She's got a deep catalogue and is crafting a really unique musical legacy.

Plus, she makes me really tempted to make myself uncomfortable and apply some fake eyelashes—even if they may be slightly obscured behind my glasses—because she's always done up so pretty.

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