Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wherefore art thou?

I find this illustration, which I came across on a site called ello—the latest social networking/curating site I've joined—irresistible.

It's drawn by Sylvia Reginato and the color of those orbs reminds me of the absolutely charming hues to be found in a Margaret Wise Brown-penned Little Golden Book called "The Color Kittens."

All of the pictures of the titular color kittens,  whose adventures and fantasies serve to teach children about using and blending color, are remarkably forward thinking for 1949.

That was illustrated by husband and wife-team Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen. Here's an example of illustrations in "The Color Kittens."

And here, below that, back to the future is something current. It's my art pick of the day by the aforementioned Ms. Reginato.