Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chillaxing gif of the day. . .

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I love this gif of Pippi Longstocking hanging out with her neighbors and best friends Tommy and Annika.

I loved watching Pippi movies as a kid—her whole world was awesome. She was powerful and funny and fun and had a great, funky sense of style to boot.

Every day at Pippi's house was about girl power, about monkey power—let's be specific, one Mr. Nelson—about horse power ("Little Old Man," to be specific) and about kid power.

My favorite moments include Pippie's scrubbing the floor with scrubber shoes, making Christmas cookies all over her entire kitchen floor (gingerbread monkey, anyone?), flying in a car, buying all the inventory of a local candy store for all the kids in town and just about pretty much every moment you can think of.

Longlive PippiLongstrumpf!