Thursday, January 19, 2017

Etsy shopping find of the day: Air plant jellyfish planers

What's my favorite band? Jefferson Airplant. Okay, that was in no way, shape or form funny.  It broke the ice, though, right? Which brings me to my etsy shopping find of the day.

These air plant jellyfish planters are so cool and chic. They just need to be misted a few times a week to flourish.

The site that sells this treasure, the AirFriend shop on, says you can hang it anywhere there's filtered light and good air circulation. Sorry, pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter in your cupboard under the stairs, this piece of decor isn't for you.

I can't guarantee that no sea urchins were hurt in the making of this item but I honestly hope that they had a good life or were put to good use by adventurous eaters before becoming home decor.

The set, which comes with one white and one gold planter, costs $18 and would make a pretty bad-ass wedding gift or housewarming present. Personally, I'd like to hang these from the ceiling of my cupboard-under-the-stairs size bedroom.

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