Monday, June 27, 2016

Parenting anecdote of the day. . .

Alex, 7 1/2, has found this YouTube channel called "In a Nutshell." It explains all these big concepts in six minutes through animated videos. Topics like "What is Life?"; "Nuclear Energy"; "Black Holes"; "War on Drugs" and "Ebola."

 I questioned it for a minute—are these kid's topics?—but he started reading when he was 2 1/2 and is always driven to learn. There's so much that is bad on the Internet, I figure, alright, let him seek knowledge.

 I came in yesterday and he was almost done with a video on "The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained." I thought, oh my God, I've got to start poring through the news more often, because this kid is going to know so much more than me.

 To use a quote from "What About Bob?", which I do as often as possible: "We can't be expected to understand him. He's so far above us. We're like ropes on a Good Year Blimp."