Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Song of the Day: "Elastic Heart" by Sia

I just re-watched the video for "Elastic Heart" by Sia I have new respect for Shia LaBeouf and his total commitment to authenticity in all he does. He is so wonderfully weird.
Of course young dancer Maddie Ziegler is a bad-ass, but Shia deserves a Best Actor Academy Award for his emotion-charged, brute-force-infused interpretive dance.
By the way, next time I'm up in the club, I might channel some of these moves. We're talking the "Reptilian Floor Crawl," the "Charging Gorilla Growl Fake-Out," the "Heart Palpitations," the "Help, I Can No Longer Vocalize," the "Fierce Creature Jumping On Your Back," the "Look, I Don't Bite," "The Bite," the "I'm Tired, Do You Mind Dragging Me For a Minute?" and the "Punch-Induced Funny Face."
Anyone know where I can get a large cage?

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