Thursday, April 27, 2017

Song of the Day: "Doing It For the Money" by Foster the People

You think that age 40 (that was me a coupla years ago, not tryna shave any years off) you're too old to fangirl over new rock music.

After all, who has ever topped the fine music of the '80s? For instance, who can do better than the Psychedelic Furs' 1984 hit "The Ghost in You"? I mean, really. Or INXS' "Don't Change" or Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels" or U2's "With Or Without You"? I could go on endlessly, because I go full Rainman when it comes to talking about music. That's a compliment to Rainman, by the way, because I admire his focus.

But anyhow, then my friend Josh invited me (and, quite generously, Brian) to a Foster the People concert. And, get this. Right before going, I had to write a non-interview story on the band back when I was freelancing for the Reno Gazette, so I had to delve into their catalogue before the show and I was blown away.

"Pumped Up Kicks," I can take or leave, although it may well start to grow on me. I'm just starting to appreciate the Rolling Stones, for God's sake.

But the rest of the catalogue, tout alors!

Anything off Torches and most particularly "Coming of Age" off their sophomore album "Supermodel," is a keeper. Such a cool mix of electronic music, indie rock and a soupcon of R&B, disco and funk. That's a sexy recipe.

So my point, and I have one, is that Foster the People has dropped a new joint. In fact, they've dropped three new songs on an EP I gotta get.
I've only listened to one of them, "Doing It for the Money," but I'm obsessed. I've got that biz on repeat—I'll risk overdosing.
Those with similar musical taste may grok why.

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