Monday, December 12, 2016

On Wolf Medicine. . .

I have always been afraid of dogs. Once I get to know someone's dog, it's usually fine—we become good friends. I understand that dogs often have wonderful and loving, if pain-in-the-ass souls. 

Sometimes, when my anxiety is acting up and I feel rabbit-hearted, it's been hard for me to walk through a neighborhood—particularly ones with ramshackle fences—because I'm afraid a dog will come out and attack me. I have shuddered at each menacing bark that came even from behind fences.

It's a real phobia.

But this year, my dog phobia is improving because the universe has sent me some Wolf Medicine. We got a Siberian husky at our house who was just a pup of 12 weedks when he arrived. 

Koda or Cody, if you will, is highly sociable. He's a pack animal and he also has a lot of energy to expend. It is clear to me that to neglect him by not allowing him to be part of the family pack would be cruel. To not take a moment to play tug o' war with him or to toss a ball back and forth with him would be inhumane.

My kids like Cody and Savannah even likes to ride him. The dogs and the kids need supervision. So from the whole puppy thing to becoming a busy dog owner (my cats are blissfully low-maintenance, purring pillows who only ask for enough "wet cat food" to help them maintain moderate obesity), I didn't have a chance to be afraid of Cody.

And the other day, when I saw a scrawny young pit-bull on the loose—perhaps half pit-bull, half lab?—I wasn't as scared as usual. I see pit-bulls on the loose more than most people because I live in Pomona, which is the capital of pit-bull ownership, particularly as you mosey closer to Holt.

Granted, I was in my car but I suddenly had this feeling that if I were face-to-face with this dog, he might not attack and if he did, that's what shoes are for.

In similar news, Alex, now 8, became a Cub Scout and in his age group, he's called a Wolf. Coincidence? Albert Einstein comes to mind, and he once said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."

So yeah, this year I got Wolf Medicine. I wonder what 2017 will bring.